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phunk jamzrecordings


Phunk Jamz Recordings is a new, innovative and exciting house music label and lifestyle media platform with a global reach. A growing record label in search for new talent from the next generation of house music DJs and producers.


Our mission is to provide artists, clients and more the best service possible. With important services such as Releasing, Mastering, Licensing, Graphics, CD pressing and more, we will always work hard to provide the most advanced, genuine, and transparent service possible.

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We are leading czech house music label with a global reach. Our releases are exporting to 240 countries. We have agreements with hundreds of Retailers, Mobile Partners, Licensing Portals, and Streaming Providers. Releases from Phunk Jamz Recordings are delivering to mainstream stores (e.g., Spotify, iTunes, 7 Digital, eMusic, Starzik, etc.), EDM stores (e.g., Beatport, Juno, Trackitdown, DJtunes, DJshop, Discogs, etc.), Streaming services (e.g., 24/7, Nokia, Vodafone, Shazam, etc.).

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Phunk Jamz Recordings also provides Web/Graphic design services to individuals interested in improving their appearance. Everything from Websites, Album Covers, Professional Flyers, Business Cards and much more can be designed! Feel free to contact us for more information and get your brand designed!


Mastering of dj mixes / tracks You have the best dj mix in the world... but you feel it doesn't sound good? We have the best equipment for mastering your music and dj demo mixes. We can hear anything you missed on your mixes and make those final adjustments to give your tracks or dj mixes a world-class sound.


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