You have the best dj mix in the world... but you feel it doesn't sound good?

Whether it's a CD mix or a digital download, your product isn't ready for release until it's been professionally mastered. Our studio have the best equipment for mastering your music and dj demo mixes. We can hear anything you missed on your mixes and make those final adjustments to give your music a world-class sound. We are focusing on mastering DJ mixes and non-professional tracks.

LOOKING FOR professional DJ jingle?

Our qualified producers are on hand for you to consult with and will help you create or refine your jingles, make musical arrangements or DJ intros.


  • Payment required up front
  • Turnaround time: 24-48 hours (no weekends)



So how much is all this mastering going to cost? In the end we want to give you the best possible master of your music for the budget that suits you.

  • Demo / DJ mix mastering - 20 € per mix
  • Single Mastering - 30 € per song
  • DJ intro / Jingle - 25 € per 30 sec.

Feel free and contact us. Email to for more details.

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