You've produced great music and designed artwork — make it into a promo-ready CD! We will help you create your digital product on a physical CD, with full-color inserts and tray cards, high-grade jewel cases, and beautifully printed disc faces.

Having a professional product to sell and/or hand out dramatically increases the potential of any artist or dj to succeed! Contact us today for more information and to put your material on a physical CD!

Our clients are music clubs, promoters of party events etc. We realised CD pressing for big czech clubs such as Bobycentrum Brno (La Grotta), Calabria Palace Plzeň, Klec Pardubice and more.



So how much is all this graphic design services going to cost?

  • Standard One - 50 CDs
  • Standard Two - 200 CDs
  • Standard Three - 400 CDs
  • Standard Four - 500 and more CDs

Feel free and contact us. Email to for more details and pricing.

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